Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Japanese Cut Out Tops

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"Just a peek" adds a touch of sex appeal


"Cutout tops" have been in full swing since last spring and summer. They're quite attractive in how they emphasize femininity and sexiness through small cuts in the fabric. Many overseas celebrities and fashionistas wearing these item of clothing led to general recognition of the trend, and so more people in Japan have adopted it in the same way. However, design tastes between Japan and the world differ quite a bit.



Overseas, highly exposed designs with wide chest and back slits and cutouts stood out, whereas in Japan, the choice was to do cutouts around the arms and shoulders, a modest design choice to show the skin moderately. Unlike overseas, which emphasizes bold cutouts, it is less sexy; rather it looks for a sense of transparency and a styling that gives a slight sensual appeal.



Cutouts will continue to trend in the fall and winter, as designer brands such as "LOEWE" and "STELLA McCARTNEY" have shown in their 2021-22 fall and winter collections. Being the seasons when layering starts coming in, the elegant jacket and coat ensembles showing just a small peek would sit well with Japanese people. It's worth paying attention to what kind of styles will continue to trend in the future.