Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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This Season, Focus on Yellow
This year, regarding spring and summer items, we feel that there is a distinctive color that is standing out. This season warm colors like red and pink are trend, and the prediction from collections was that pink would be prevalent. However, in reality if you try and observe the streets, what is overwhelmingly being seen is yellow, hands down. Yellow is a color that every year around this time comes out as a staple, but this year as a characteristic, even among yellow there are a variety of shades. There is an extreme abundance of color variation, such as a color that is like a mix of green and yellow being called “greenery”, a dull yellow, and a bright yellow.



Why Yellow is Getting Popular

If you search for the secret to yellow's popularity, it is because it can be easily incorporated into this season’s “ethnic style” trend. An ethnic style using earth colors has a distinctly good affinity with yellow. By using yellow you can instantly brighten the mood of an outfit, and make outfits that are typical of spring and summer. Also, it can also be said that it is perfect for the youthful mood of 80’s taste. Not only that, it is also easy to match with botanicals, which is one of this season’s trends. With yellow shining as a base for botanical patterns, it gives the impression that it can be incorporated with items like gowns and skirts. Also, Japanese skin is originally yellow-based, and there is a good affinity between yellow makeup and fashion, which is one reason for yellow’s popularity.



Signs of Color Change

This season, in place of pastel colors that have been continuing for the past several years, vivid colors have been gaining attention. It also took over the 2017 A/W season, and looks using distinct shades of color left an impression. In the midst of this, on the streets, including the yellow introduced this time, citrus colors such as orange and lime can also be said to have been conspicuous. Neon colors have been appearing for the first time in a while, although not with such high prevalence. As opposed to bright colors, color variations that are in dull and moody tones, and colors with nuance seem to be mainstream. Light pastel colors, or possibly dark toned colors have been overwhelming present these past few years. It can definitely be said that signs of change are appearing in color. I want to focus on the next change in color trend as well.



The conversation this time became about color, but I want to tell you a bit about how to get along with trend colors. It is not interesting to just incorporate trend colors as they are because one says they are popular this year. Even within a trend color, I think it is more important to find a tone that suits you, mix it with your preferred tastes, and have fun with color. If you do that, individuality will be born, and even while you are incorporating a trend, you will be able to find a way to wear it that suits your style.