Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Bao Bao Craze

Since 2000, ISSEY MIYAKE, a Japanese domestic brand that is globally known, has been presenting the BAO BAO. It is composed of triangular pieces, and there are many people whose hearts have been taken by its stylish and near future design. It now is popular enough for there to be a lottery for its purchase. Now, we will introduce the appeal of the BAO BAO.


The Reason it’s Gathering Support

As for how popular it is, as mentioned before, there is a lottery conducted on account of the release of the new work, and even if you are selected there are limitations on the number of purchases. It is an item that will inevitably be sold out. Because of the geometrical design of the bag, you might think that it is difficult to incorporate with your outfit, but because it is basically composed of one color, it is unexpectedly easy to match. Currently the eighth collaboration in the project “BAO BAO PARK EDITION”, developing products jointly with artists of various genres, was also commercialized, and the second collaboration with graphic designer Masayoshi Kodaira was held in July. “FOUR”, in which various four-letter words were studded in three-sided pieces, may be fresh in your memory. Constantly bringing a new face to the world, and not giving consumers time to grow accustomed, in this way might be the secret to how the popularity continues.


Street x BAO BAO

Not only having variety in color and graphics, it also comes in many forms, including shoulder bags and backpacks. Especially popular in street style is the tote bag. These bags are often seen in Omotesando due to their mode vibe with the most common colors being black and white, which mix and match well with other items. The bags allow for a more improved simple style due to not being excessively self-promoting and providing a perfect accent to your outfit. People advanced at style made an impression in Omotesando by matching the color of their socks with their bags. Further, due to the combination of pieces you can freely change the shape of the bag, utilizing its characteristics. There were also fashionistas who folded the tote bag and held it like a clutch bag. Depending on other ideas, various aspects of this bag may possibly be seen.


Right now the BAO BAO is the explosive target product of the season. Among high brands, it also has a relatively obtainable price range. Definitely get it and strut with it around the Omotesando and Aoyama neighborhoods.