Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Outerwear over Outerwear

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Outerwear on Outerwear

Last season, the best trend to go along with functional outerwear was the “inner outer”. Due to the establishment of inner outerwear, there is no resistance to layering outerwear, and the novel idea to wear light outerwear, like jean jackets, underneath the coat, has become standard. Although it is an outerwear on outerwear style, this season it is continuously evolving, and on the streets people are enjoying fashion even in the cold weather, protecting themselves from the cold with two pieces of outerwear.



Popular Style this Season

As for popular light outerwear, continuing from last season again are the jean jacket, blazer, and blouson, which are not too volumnious. Last season the second layer of outerwear, layered above that, were classic items like the trench coat and chester coat. The simple outfit of staple item x staple item is telling of last season, where oversized items were popular and the norm core trend was strong. However, this season there are a lot of ways to play around with outfit with the material of the second layer of outerwear. The “fur coat” and “mouton coat”, which became popular this season, have especially been at the forefront of “outer-on-outer” items. As mentioned earlier, the fur coat and the mouton coat, influenced by 1970s fashion, are in fashion this season. They were items originally sold for their volume, and unexpectedly are compatible with the outerwear on outerwear style. If you layer the unique 70s style outerwear well, your outfits for the season will be complete.



Ability of the Long Coat

There are also a lot of people layering long coats with short jackets. The inside outerwear marks your waist position so this makes your legs look longer than just wearing one piece of outerwear.



Watch the evolution of outfits combining warmth and fashion next season.

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