Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Indigo Denim

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Beautiful Denim

Every year, as we come into spring the amount of people wearing denim pants increases. Also gradually this year, a cool blue is spreading through the streets. This year the keyword is “beautiful.”



Attention on Dark Blue

Denim pants have a casual impression, and there are years when purposefully destroyed “damaged denim” has come into fashion. We have also confirmed that this season, denim that is cut at the cuff to appear like fringe arranged sporadically, is continuing to be a trend. In such circumstances, on the recent streets “indigo denim” (denim that is dyed indigo), with deep navy blue colors, is getting support. The sophisticated indigo blue, which does not permit “color fading,” is gaining attention.



Cooling Down Mode Feeling

Wide leg pants have been in trend for this past year. In Omotesando, black baggy slacks were popular. However, as we approach spring, the amount of people switching from black to the beautiful indigo denim as their “go-to” is rapidly increasing. The people of Omotesando pursue mode fashion in their style, and even denim can provide that style for them, that is, if it is indigo denim. Giving off a moderately casual feeling, it slightly cools down the mode fashion for the spring season. Many people wore white, black, and indigo blue in their outfits, which was refreshing look and left an impression.



It is denim that anyone can have. We certainly recommend dark blue indigo denim as a new addition to your wardrobe. 

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