Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Smoky Green

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New Spring Color

Dull, cool tones like “earth color” and “dusty pastel” have been overflowing in the fall and winter. Lately fashion has become more spring-like, with attention being paid to the smoky green colored MA-1 bomber jacket.



The MA-1 Gets a Seasonal Change

Every year, when it becomes fall and winter there is definitely an increase in wearers of the MA-1 jacket. Mainly it is basic to use khaki and olive green colors, however, smoky green is a color that brings these two colors closer to a pastel color, changing it to a spring color. On the streets, many people wearing MA-1 jackets indeed shifted gears to this smoky green shade, giving us a sign that spring is here. 



Outfit Point

When wearing this color, there is one thing you have to be careful of. That is, make sure the items you wear it with have clear colors. Since the smoky green itself is vaguely tinged, if the other items you wear it with have a dull color, then the outfit will not be as neat. Therefore, when using the smoky green in outerwear, it is recommended that you unify the rest of the outfit with black, or if you are going to incorporate other smoky colors, keep it to only other small items. The fashionistas seen on the street have chosen a bright green, and coordinate the look with other similar colors. You should definitely try and challenge yourself with this style when you want to add interest to your outfit.



Even if you say it is pastel or a spring color, the base of it is green, so even cool girls who have avoided those words until now will want to wear this smoky green. It even suits the sweet girls who dress up in cute style with lace one-pieces. This spring, the color smoky green will overflow in the city.

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