Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Outerwear of the Spring

When you think of the Sukajan what kind of image do you have? A somewhat scary guy wearing it… There may be people who also have that impression of it. However, this item from now is the outerwear item garnering the most attention this spring.



The Sukajan’s Roots

To say the least, the main point is that they are decorated with large, traditional Japanese designs. It is said to have started shortly after World War II, when American soldiers that were stationed in Japan at the Yokosuka US military base had their jackets embroidered with Japanese patterns. The name of the jacket, “Sukajan”, comes from the name “Yokosuka”. Generally with embroidery of tigers and dragons, hawks, etc., it is a strong item with impact, so it is better to pair it with other simple items. Even on the streets, most people combined it with solid colors for innerwear and bottoms.


Recommended Shop

For those who want a Sukajan, the shop we recommend is a second hand store in Shibuya, called “NUDE TRUMP.” In this shop there are many flashy and dazzling items that have been gathered, and the collection of Sukajan they have there is also perfect. It is nice because the pricing is also reasonable and within reach. There are ones in pastel colors from sweet brands, as well and plain and floral ones, you can choose one that is easy to wear for you.



The Sukajan appeared suddenly, as if telling of the end of Normcore. You can instantly enjoy the latest style by switching over to one of these jackets. This jacket is not confined to menswear, and we would like you to challenge your style with a Sukajan.

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