Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



New Layering

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NEW Layered Style

If you look back on the fall and winter, you might think that there have been many new trends, but above all else what left an impression was the “knit turtleneck x camisole” layered style. Although one might say camisole, what has been seen on the streets is more so “lingerie”. Lingerie and turtleneck at a first glance might seem like a mismatch, combining and matching both has become a trend. This is a style that has even gotten notice abroad, with much attention being paid to the current Tokyo streets, mainly Harajuku.



Reason for Popularity

Items that are typically loungewear, this time without stopping at the room, have expanded to the street style field. The reason it is getting so much support is because the satin and lace bring out a feminine appeal. By matching a knit turtleneck, that covers up until the neck, with a lingerie camisole, it becomes more toned down, which is the appeal. Although it is a feminine item, depending on the knit and the layers, you can adjust the sexiness, so please try it even if you’re a beginner!



Outfit Point

Also, the point to consider when wearing this style is to suppress the cuteness of the other items you are wearing it with. There were many people seen on the streets wearing wide pants and sneakers on the lower half of their body, finishing the look in a casual way. Completing the look by adding items like these is important for the layered turtleneck “knit x lingerie” look.



We believe the popularity will continue even in the spring, and if it gets warmer, by shifting from the knit turtleneck to a summer knit you can enjoy this current style.

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