Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Half-Up Topknot

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NEW Hairstyle Popular Overseas

How do you usually style your hair when you go out? “It seems difficult”, “I don’t have time in the morning”; leaving the house only fixing your bedhead for those reasons…that is a waste! There is a new hair arrangement becoming a big trend right now overseas. The name of this trend is the “half-up topknot”. In Japanese, there is the name of “half-up dango”, and all that you do is take the top half of your hair and put it up into a bun. This time, we will introduce the appeal of this easy hairstyle that you can do if you have one hairband and three minutes.



Arrangement Point

This hairstyle is said to have its origins in France. The two main points are to make it rough and to make the bun small. The slightly undone feeling of this hair arrangement is optimal for dressing down an outfit. Combining this hairstyle with more formal fashion gives your entire look a perfect casual appearance.The gap that it creates is a reason it is gathering so much support.



Excellent Adaptability

As for where this hair arrangement is often seen on the streets, on style-arena it is mainly in Harajuku and Daikanyama. As expected, it is highly popular in places that stress casualness. However, fashion styles from girly to mode, and hair lengths from long to medium, there is no limit on its versatility. By wrapping around a curling iron, or arranging it by adding hairpins, you are able to clearly see individuality. It is not a hindrance to any kind of coordinates, which is one of the reasons why the half-up dango has reached a high level of demand.



By making the bun higher the look becomes more casual, and lowering the bun finishes up the look with elegance. It is also good to change it with the mood of the day. Please refer to the fashionistas photographed in Style Arena, by all means.

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