Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Hat Trend Transition

Three months into 2016, the state of women’s hats is slowly changing. Last year the fedora hat was fixed at number 1, but entering this year the number of wearers are dropping sharply. The beret hat replaced it, jumping into the leading role and we also took up that attraction on the style-arena column. However, now surpassing the influence of the beret, the cap is again quickly rising in popularity on the streets.



The Keyword is “Mannish”

The cap is an item with an established reputation for dressing down an outfit. At the time of the boom three years ago, there were many people having fun with caps by adding them as a mannish component to a girly style items like a one-piece, but now for this second-time boom somewhat of a change can be seen. That is, there is an increase in girls who are prudently dressing in a head-to-toe “mannish” outfit. The speculation is that this is because menswear-like items such as wide pants and military style are current trends. If you move your attention to this year’s street style, people matching caps with skirts are in the minority.




Feminine Makeup and Accessories

Although the look is overall mannish, many are wearing a red or pink lip, and large earrings, keeping with some girly inclinations. It perhaps is becoming fitting for the  “casual femininity” of today’s street style.



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