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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Lace-up shoes

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The Zara Girl’s Must-Have Shoes

Sneakers, sports sandals, and menswear-like footwear have been continuing on the recent streets. In the midst of this, after a long time one pair of ladylike shoes is taking center stage. No matter the brand, the shoes that are becoming the face and topic of the year are lace-up shoes. The model to instigate the boom is Yoshiko Tomioka. Zara’s lace-up shoes were introduced on Instagram and in magazines, mainly drawing attention from the trend-sensitive “Zara Girl”, in Japan referred to as “Zara-jo”. 


High Approval in Shibuya

The high agree of attention of these shoes can also be seen in the magazine “ViVi”, which features it in No. 2. Indeed, these shoes are the most supported in Shibuya, where there are a large number of ViVi readers. There were many people who, to emphasize the lace-up part, wore the shoes with gaucho pants, and made an impression by putting it all together very simply.


Nice Versatility

It seems otherwise at first glance, but a reason the shoes are popular is because the thin straps adapt quickly to any outfit. They have a high versatility, as they match well with gaucho pants, a pairing worn by many people in Shibuya, can peek out from a long one-piece, and are cool with skinny pants. They are sold in various colors, but the most popular is black. It is an encouraging item, and you can make a statement on your feet when your outfit is lonely.


Wearing Points

Right now various flat shoes, from booties to sandals, are evolving into this lace-up style, and among these the most useful are pumps. The theory is that these shoes are not to be worn laced up to the calf, but stop just above the ankle. Incidentally if you tie the surplus string around the same spot, it further has the effect of making your ankles look thin.


It is not a yearly staple, because it is fresh and very “this year!” Upgrade your simple coordinates with these shoes.


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