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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Line Pants

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Sporty Boom

If you were to say what the current cutting edge pants on the streets are, it would be “line pants”. The majority of people wearing these bottoms are ladies with a cool sense of style. The basic type has, as a given, white lines going down the sides, and are maxi length with a full silhouette. In recent years, bottoms such as “skants” (skirt + pants) and the “skaucho” (skirt + gaucho) have been popular with the unprecedented wide pants boom, and the next hit item are without a doubt “line pants”. Also, one type of line pants that are often seen is the adidas with three lines of jersey going down the sides.


80’s Revival

Loose line pants with voluminous outerwear and sneakers, brings 80’s fashion to mind. Trends from this year such as the fur coat, MA-1, hoop earrings, and sash belt, are trends representative of the 80s. Similar to the good times of 80’s fashion, there is a pale expectation that the economy will also turn upwards towards the Tokyo Olympic Games.


Collection vs. Street

Why have line pants become a trend now? About a year ago, in the 2016S/S season, GUCCI and CHLOE had already introduced line pants in their collections. Non-sporty, normal wide pants with lines on the sides were being sold since last summer, but there were not so many people wearing them then. Around that time, there was the wide pants boom in Japan, and the curtain did not lift on wide pants. Collections and reality have a difference in timing of about one year. From this winter, it appeared on the street along with outerwear that had a similar volume to the bore coat.


Regarding the 2017S/S season, line pants are being sold by various brands at reasonable prices, more than last year. From spring into summer, the amount of people wearing line pants will further increase. It is an excellent item whose popularity is getting no complaints, not only in usual “city fashion”, but also on the sports scene and in flight travel fashion.