Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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This Summer’s Main Item

The late summer heat continues, but we are in a place where we want clothes that will cool us down. Wide all-in-one overalls have become popular in lady’s styles taking over street fashion this summer.


All-in-one Style

Last year with the rise of “gaucho pants”, cropped lengths became commonplace, but this year full lengths are more widespread. They usually have drapey materials and loose silhouettes, but choosing black colors tightens up the whole style. For a non-black outfit, you can wear beige in a one-tone overall look to make a refreshing impression. The main style of all-in-one overalls this season is no-sleeve, V-neck, and wide-legged. Although there were many people wearing mock neck tops as an inner layer to the overalls, it is becoming a seasonal style.


A Wide Silhouette Responds to Needs

The biggest reason the all-in-one is chosen is because of its relaxed feeling. In addition to the ease of wearing a single piece of clothing, the “loose” trend will not stop as silhouettes are becoming wider. There has been a significant increase in women wearing these all-in-one overalls compared to last year while tighter fitting items have conversely shown a downward trend. Once you taste the freedom from wearing tight clothing, you might be resistant to return to that previous style.


As long as the boom of loose, relaxed fit clothing does not end, the all-in-one is expected to follow an increasing trajectory. I am looking forward to what kind of designs will appear next season.