Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



String Choker

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The arrival of the newcomer

In recent years, chokers have been a highly popular neck accessory. Last year the tattoo choker, with a design that at first glimpse looks like a tattoo, was mainstream, but this year the trend is shifting over to the newcomer, the string choker.


The String Choker

“String” is an English word meaning thread, string, or fiber. In recent street style, women wearing leather straps around the neck have often been seen, and the string choker is exactly that. You can easily change your image with how you wrap it around your neck, giving off a relaxed impression when just wrapping it around the neck, or a feminine impression when tying the ribbon at the front. There are also people who use items such as pendants to DIY the original choker.


The Optimal Small Accent

There is mainly a high rate of people wearing string chokers on the streets of Shibuya, and the choker has been used with various styles. Although the woman in the picture below has an overall cool and simple style, putting on a string choker with fringe is a nice accent. It is an outfit that I would like those who like simple style to use as a reference. Matching string chokers and lace-up shoes with the same black color is also an effective technique to pull the look together.


The choker has a tendency to give off a gothic impression, but the string choker is easy to incorporate as a very casual item. I would like you to use as a reference the string choker-wearers that are shown in the style-arena street style photos.