Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Off The Shoulder Tops

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An Encouraging Friend

As the temperature rises, it becomes difficult to decide whether to be stylish or take measures against the heat, but the “off-shoulder top” is an item that is perfect for the coming season.


The Off-Shoulder Top

The off-shoulder top has a design that exposes the shoulders. Although there is a high degree of exposure, making it an item that people have a tendency to shy away from, choosing a cotton material makes it possible to show healthy skin. It came into fashion in the year of 2014, but at the time the main style was with light colors and “sweetness” from a flare design around the shoulders. It was also matched with flared skirts, emphasizing a girly style. However, this year with the cotton material mentioned earlier it becomes something casual, and in monotone coloring it has a cool impression and appearance, changing it from the past.

“Cool” This Season

On the streets, off-shoulder tops in dark colors like black and navy are being preferred. Different from the 2014 boom, it is mostly being matched with pants on bottom. Since the tops display the clavicle and are very feminine, matching it with menswear-like bottoms produces a superb balance and a current style. When choosing a simple off-shoulder top you can pair it with wide pants, and when choosing a voluminous off-shoulder you can pair it with skinny pants. It is a style point to think about the total balance in putting the look together.


Forever 21 sells off-shoulder tops for about ¥1000. For those who are interested in off-shoulder tops but are not sure if you have the courage, it is better to challenge yourself starting with lower price tops.