Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



China Clothes

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Continuing the Embroidery Trend

The embroidered jacket became a big fashion from last year to this spring. “China clothing” with embroidery ties have been at the center of attention on the streets of Harajuku. Amongst these, people wearing simple, non-embroidered Chinese-style clothing have made an impression. Although it is an item that is not yet having an explosive boom, it is possible that from next year on it will gain more attention than it is currently. I would like to comment on it in advance.


What are “China Clothes”?

The birthplace of Chinese clothes is, of course, China. The China dress, which is a native dress of China (Manchuria, to be exact), was originally made with the intention of riding a horse, and has slits on the left and right up to about knee-length to avoid becoming a hindrance to horse riding. After that in Shanghai in the 1930s when the modern boom occurred, there was a boom in exposing the arms and legs. The slit was made deeper than knee-length, and there was a tight, body hugging design to give appeal to the curves of the bosom and hips. This is the prototype of the current China dress. The China dresses being worn on the streets now are not these, of course, but are items with these motifs. It is fashion to wear items that have the “China button” decorating the front part, and there are various different colors and designs. Chinese-style clothes that have embroidery on satin cloth are the easiest to understand as an image of the style. Plain Chinese-style clothing items made of a cotton material are easy to wear in men’s fashion as well.


Adding Items

Black is a popular color for Chinese-style clothes on the streets. As expected, it is easy to choose individual designs and shades that suit your style. Chinese clothing being worn includes shirts, jackets and blouse jackets. Most people close up their Chinese clothing items instead of going with an open jacket look. Yet, the look is unified when finished stylishly in calm colors. For example, the man in the picture is wearing a quilted GOOD DESIGN SHOP COMME des GARÇONS Chinese-style jacket, as the main part of his outfit. Adding to the Chinese design, you can get a strong impact from the red coloring, and due to the unity from the monotone colors of the other items, the look appears sharp without being excessive. From these fashionistas, we can see again that the coexistence with Chinese-style items adds to fashion.


Chinese items are necessary to the current Oriental boom. If you choose basic items, you can pair them well with other trend items. Places such as Harajuku vintage shops handle these items a lot, so definitely look for one that suits your tastes.