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What is the Zara Girl?

The “Zara girl”, or in Japanese "Zara-jo", is a woman who really loves the store Zara, which originated in Spain. We will explain this theme in detail.

The Comfort of Zara

In 2008 the apparel brand from Sweden, “H&M”, landed in Ginza, continuing the explosive popularity of the fast fashion world. However, recently the novelty has calmed down, in a state that is somewhat declining. In the middle of that, why does only Zara have a spot to the extent that the word “Zara-jo” was born? This is just a guess, but I think it has to do with the reasonable price range and the “normcore” boom. As soon as fast fashion landed in Japan, everyone was attracted to its design and reasonable price. But, now after the momentum has calmed down, people who feel comfortable with Zara’s affordable price range, being neither too expensive nor too cheap, have increased.


The Appeal of Zara

The women that are being called “Zara-jo” are around 20~30 years old, and they are mainly students who want to be fashionable but don’t have money, and working adults that say that it costs money for hobbies and beauty. For those who cannot get expensive items but do not want things that are overly cheap, Zara is best. Although Zara’s image is of being simple in design, Zara’s specialty is also representative of this year’s normcore boom. Simple in design but not cheap looking, it has a unique atmosphere. This unique charm may have become a deciding factor in leading the fast fashion world.


Zara Women on the Street

“Zara-jo” is a word that refers to girls who either incorporate Zara items in their everyday fashion, or whose outfits are mostly made up of Zara, but the momentum has also been seen on the street. Specifically recently, the items that were highly worn were the lace-up pumps and motorcycle jackets, introduced in a prior column. There are various kinds of lace-up pumps, from flats to heels. The motorcycle jackets, which were about ¥5,000 for ones made of fake leather and around ¥30,000 for ones made of real leather, took many fashionistas captive. There are many items even outside of the trend ranking that are well designed, so even people who dislike wearing the same things as other people can find something that suits them.


Zara is a brand about which it is not exaggeration to say it has the most momentum now. Beauty and hobbies cost money… If you think that you should definitely become a Zara woman and enjoy fashion wisely.