Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



V-Neck Tops

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Following the “Next Neck”

Last year the mock neck was getting a lot of attention. The minimal design, which does not go to the extent of becoming a turtleneck, has a fresh and trendy feel to it. This popularity without question will continue this season, but the fashionistas attuned to trend have immediately drawn their attention from mock next items to the next aim, the V-Neck.


The Appeal of the V-Neck

The biggest appeal of the V-Neck is its feminine quality from showing off the décolletage. Even when matching with menswear-like items, like wide pants and sneakers, it does not does not take away from the sex appeal of V-neck tops. The V-shapes also make your neck appear longer, so we recommend that you wear your hair up with them. V-neck tops will give you a more refreshed look and adding large earrings can make your face look smaller.It is important to remember that accessorizing with non-prominent items brings out your unique qualities.


V-Necks in Street Style

As for the five points of Harajuku, Shibuya, Omotesando, Daikanyama, and Ginza, the styles of which are introduced on style-arena, only in Harajuku wearers of V-Neck were not seen recently. As expected, in relation to Harajuku, there are more people putting emphasis on individuality rather than trend or femininity. In Shibuya, which is sensitive to the trends, many people chose to pair the V-neck with wide bottoms, but oppositely in Omotesando, it was matched with a tight, long skirt for a styled finish. In Daikanyama, the white V-neck was dressed up and you could feel the adult refreshing-ness. Though Ginza is a place where you cannot see much change in trend, there was actually the highest amount of V-neck wearers. People are convinced to choose this item because it can produce a proper femininity. It can go with various bottoms like wide pants and flared skirts, but either way it looks elegantly put together.


The “high neck boom” of turtlenecks and mock necks is cut off with the revival of the V-neck. This time it was incorporated into ladies fashion, but I want to pay attention to if it becomes a trend in men’s fashion next time.