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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Maison Margiela

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MM6’s Accelerating Power

Maison Margiela has had numerous fans for a long time. Their lady’s brand MM6 is currently garnering attention in street fashion. John Galliano, inaugurated as the creative director in 2014, is remembered for the renaming of what was formerly “Maison Martin Margiela”. Its presence has strengthened from the start of this year and its popularity has grown more and more.

Clothing for ♀

In Margiela 's clothing there is a tag called the "calendar tag" that is numbered from 0 to 23, and depending on the number you can read which collection the clothes are from. In the past, number 6 marked the “clothing for women” but “MM6 (clothes for ♀) was born in the form of a spin off. When you compare it to the collection line, in addition to being relatively reasonable, there are many items that are easy to wear even everyday. In May of this year its Japan flagship store opened in Omotesando Hills, and the 2016S/S Collection was presented. The inside of the store was sophisticated very much like Margiela, becoming a space that was the embodiment of chic.


No-gender Items

People wearing MM6 items have recently been rapidly increasing on the streets, however, since it is a brand with a strong sense of chicness, the place where it is highly worn is Omotesando. Among them, the popularity is concentrated on the mesh tote bag, which left a strong impression. Although it is a staple item that is presented in various colors every year, the easy-to-use black is the most popular in appearance. In MM6, only the top of the tag is sewn with white thread, and this single line is also symbolic of the brand. The white thread that looks attractive against black may further appeal to a fashionista’s heart. It is not just the women that fell in love with this design; men have been seen carrying and walking around with this bag, which is an item from the ladies’ line. No-gender fashion has been becoming more common in Tokyo recently and this trend seems to have the momentum to continue into the future.


It is stylish, but also with an element of uncool-ness. People are increasingly noticing the appeal of MM6, and the amount of people wearing it on the street should increase more than before.