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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Wide-legged Bottoms

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 The Evolution of Gaucho Pants

The wide-legged pants are continuing to be an extremely popular trend from last year. There are a lot of girls wearing wide-legged slacks and gaucho pants in street style, and it doesn’t look like this trend is going away. However, there is a new item this season, which evolved from the fusion of pants and skirts and has made the wide-legged pant even wider. They are being called “skants”, a term coined by the women’s fashion brand MURUA.


The Entry of the Skirt-like Gaucho

At first glance, this item looks like a fluffy skirt, but on closer look, it is actually a pair of pants. Last year in wide-legged pants the gaucho became mainstream, but this year the amount of “skants” is certainly increasing. The skirt-like gaucho is also appearing with the same timing, an item being called the “skaucho” (gaucho x skirt = skaucho). The “flaring” of pants has markedly risen.


As You Like

High volume items go great with tight and compact tops. There are a lot of people in street fashion combining this with a plain cut-and-sew item for an extremely simple look, but I recommend lace tops, which are trending this season. I want you to test out and try this very "now" look. Although there is presence from the wide silhouette, since it does not tend to be too strong you do not have to be troubled when looking for partner it can match with. These items are being sold in various colors and materials from every brand. From those who dress girly there is pink and greige, and for a cool style, khaki and black are gaining support. Skants are being sold at GU for ¥1990, so you can collect different colors.


Year after year, the bottoms that are in fashion change. I want to notice what kind of fashion item “coined term” will be born next.