Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Hoop Earrings

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Large Accessories are Trend

In 2016 larger accessories have been a trend, and many collections were picking them up. This season, it is in fashion to wear accessories as an accent, and the accessory that is increasing with the most momentum is the hoop earring.


A Hoop Boom Once Again

The hoop earring is distinguishing itself in the form of a revival. It is an item that was very “in” around 2007 in the golden age of Gyaru fashion. In those days when it was only in Gyaru fashion, the preference was for larger, colorful items. However, the hoop earrings in style in 2016 are slender and simple. The narrow body is versatile, and the trend can be worn in multiple ways other than “street” style fashion. There is also a wide range of sizes, from big to small, and from wide to narrow. There are various colors and designs, and you can purchase cheap ones for under ¥1000. You can wear simple ones for daily wear and showy ones for leisure, wearing different earrings depending on the scene.


Not Choosing a Hairstyle

It was common on the streets to wear delicate, small accessories that did not need much coordination. This casual presence was gaining support in men’s fashion, with a preference for genderless items. One point that I want to emphasize further from the fashionistas is that, although the items were delicate, they were choosing ones that had a large impact. Among these it was a surprise that there were also people with earrings reaching down to their shoulders. Although it is an item that excels at versatility, people wanting to emphasize the earrings reduced the color in their outfits overall, finishing the look stylishly. It is an item that fits the mentality of those who want to add a stylish touch with earrings and avoid becoming very girly. It is also a nice point not to choose one hairstyle, as it goes with a variety of looks. It has an excellent affinity with the half-up topknot, introduced in an earlier style-arena column. It looks good when emphasized with an up-do, and also sexy when glimpsed through the gaps of a styled down hairdo.


It is circumstantial with summer fashion that outfit coordination tends to be simple as the temperature rises. Wearing hoop earrings enables you to put on a seasonal face in one go.