Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Open Necked Shirt

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A New Trend

The open-collared shirt, which has been gathering attention since last year, has entered a full-blown popularity this year. What is the appeal of this item that is being supported by both men and women?


The Opened Collared Shirt

There might be people who ask what makes it different from the typical shirt. The open collared shirt is exactly as its name implies, a shirt tailored to give the appearance of being open at the collar. It can be said to originate from the Hawaiian Aloha Shirt. Hearing that you might get a rough impression from it, but because there are various materials and designs, you can choose different ones to suit the mood of your outfit. It is also indispensible to 50’s culture, and now the “bowling shirt” is also becoming open collared.



The Reason for its Popularity

Why did the open collared shirt gain popularity this year? Surprisingly, it is for the same reason as the “V-neck cutsew” and “off-shoulder tops” we introduced in prior columns. The common point between these two items is the showing of the clavicle. Yes, there is an increase in people wearing items that emphasize womanliness. In street style, the popularity of open collared shirts is being concentrated on ones in natural colors, such as beige. It is similar to the skin, so it is recommended for people looking for serene colors. This was commonplace, but even the more assertive patterned cloth, when worn with other, simpler items, can give a feminine appeal by showing a refreshing appearance around the neck. On the other hand, it is a basic in men’s fashion to layer a cutsew item beneath the open collared shirt. The style becomes more casual, and many style experts were seen enjoying matching different colors.


It is an item that makes the chest appear cool, and it will be a big success in the coming season.