Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Cord Belt

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Belt Trend

Belts do not tend to show particular changes in trend. However, there have been a lot of people on the streets of Tokyo using shoelaces in place of belts recently.


The originator is the Skater

Formerly, skaters, to avoid injury to the abdomen from belt buckles when they were skating, had started using shoelaces as belts. Skaters were the originators of the style, and the wearing rate increased to men’s, offsetting more polished coordinates, like shirts and slacks. It does not clash with the other items, and is incorporated in carefree manner, which is also a nice style point.


Diverging from Young People’s Belts

Besides shoelaces, various items are being used instead of belts in street style, including scarfs and decorative kimono strings. The kimono string is a braided string woven like a rope used as an accent tied up over the kimono belt. Although it is typical to use it with a proper kimono, the amount of people using it as a belt for a colorful, lovely look is rapidly increasing. It seems like younger people seem to be finding ways to not wear belts, as comfortable pants with elastic waists also become mainstream. Tight looks are being born somewhere, but the phenomenon of not wearing belts might be inevitable now, as loose, relaxed looks have been coming into fashion.


It is just a braid, but although this summer season unexpected trends have been produced, I want to pay attention to whether it will continue after next year.