Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Outdoor Sandals

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Sandals with Enhanced Fashion

In recent years, due to the increased popularity of festivals and glamping, outdoor activities have become more widespread, and simultaneously become more fashionable. A remarkable example of this is the “outdoor sandal” coming into trend. Since outdoor sandals were originally made for mountain climbing and playing in the river, the biggest feature is how comfortable they are.


The Best “Removed” Item

Although it is an item that has been gaining attention since last year, its popularity has accelerated further from the start of this year. They were featured not only at sports shops, but also at every select shop, and both the town and the shops had a tendency towards outdoor sandals. Last year many people adapted to a casual style, but this year, many people were seen pairing the outdoor sandal with high-class styles and feminine flair skirts. Incorporating the so-called “removed” look, the range of wearers have widened regardless of gender.


The Background of the Trend

The reason for this massive explosion is the release of the 5cm sole sandals from Teva, a classic in the sandal industry. It can be said that the expansion of the fashion began with these. With normal outdoor sandals dropped down to street style, there were the worries, of “becoming too casual” and that they “cannot increase style”. However, Teva’s 5 cm soles give the perfect amount of mode fashion sense along with their ability to improve your appearance, and were accepted by a wide range of people. The newly individualistic “KEEN” sandals have also become seen on the streets. Since KEEN has a mesh-like design and has a smaller exposure of skin, you can wear them with a sense that is close to sneakers.


The true charm of the outdoor sandal is that if the heat relaxes a little more, you can also coordinate by layering them with the socks you prefer. Although everyday is still relentlessly hot, how about trying to reduce the stress from your feet and fully enjoy the summer?