Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



2016-17 A/W Ladies' Trend Summary

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The Popularity of Pants Styles

When you look back on this fall and winter’s ladies fashion, there was a tremendously higher amount of people wearing pants. Year by year, the skirt has decreased, and since the gaucho pants boom, people becoming captive to pants styles have increased. During the fall, there have been sales of feminine items such as tight skirts and flared slip tops, but the increasing momentum of menswear-like items has not stopped.


Fluffy is Key

In the winter, “oversized style” with volume put on the upper half of the body became mainstream. Fluffy outwear especially became a preference, the style in part being called “Doflamingo Girl”. This is because it looks just like the coat that the character from ONE PIECE, Doflamingo, wears. Fur items have also been abundant this season, beginning with sandals, and expanding to the Russian hat and bold fur coat.


A Focus on Sporty Items

One more thing that left an impression was the wearing of vintage-like items, from various styles that came before, like the Russian Hat, flight cap, velour pants, and big hoop earrings. The big silhouette mood, which has gone on for a year and a half, has matched vintage items. Currently, sporty items like line pants and fanny packs are starting to be mixed in. Even in the 17-18AW collections, a lot of sporty looks are being presented. Next time perhaps the sports fever will accelerate.