Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Most Seasonal Item

These several years, the fall and winter hat’s star players have been the wide brim hat and the beanie, but this year’s the hat with the most popularity this year is without a doubt the beret. These hats have been garnering attention since the autumn and winter season of 2015 and they exploded onto the street fashion scene in 2016. Although wearers are predominantly women, the trend is also gradually permeating men’s fashion.


The Origin of the Beret

Its origin is in the native dress of Basque, a country on the border of Spain and France. This staple of beret, which has a point on top, is called the “Basque beret” in association with its birthplace. Another type of beret often seen this year is the “army beret,” which has leather trim at the brim of the hat. It was developed from the Basque beret, and, arriving in the present from World War II, is used by troops in countries all over the world.

Suits Any Style

In taking the feeling from its background, the beret is a double functioning item that is round with an air of charm, and also military-like and effectively spicy. It can be coordinated in extensive ways; for example matching it with a simple shirt and “cutsew” clothing makes for an autumn-like warm style, and matching it with a military shirt or jacket, it becomes a cool style. It also has an excellent compatibility to the short bob hairstyle, popular in ladies fashion this year, which could be a reason for its popularity.


At every shop, abundance in variation of color, size, and material has expanded more than usual. The presence or absence of bangs, and type of hairstyle, changes the atmosphere, and it seems like it will add brilliance to fall and winter outfits, which have a tendency to be dark.