Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Trends Summary of Men's Summer

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Loose Style

As the summer is coming to an end, on the streets, relaxed fall style is gradually increasing. Looking back at men’s fashion this summer, casual styles stood out leaving a lasting impression.


Looking Back on Men’s Trends

The summer men’s trend items include “open collared shirts”, “outdoor sandals”, and “rope belts”. Also, for men that like second hand clothes there is popularity in old t-shirts from legendary bands such as “METALLICA”, “MEGADETH”, and “ACDC”. After all, these items all have being loose and laidback in common. 


A Little More Laidback Than Usual

There were also changes in outfit trends with an increase in men going with a tucked in look which has been a staple of ladies’ fashion. The reason for the popularity of the rope belt may have been the fact that it makes the waist look slimmer and provides both a casual look while improving your appearance. Also, there are many patterned and catchy open collared shirts and band T-shirts, though simple colors had been taking on the role of the summertime color scheme.


The ultra-long sleeve, which is synonymous with “Vetements”, the brand that is the most popular topic, is attracting attention in the autumn and gradually increasing on the streets. Because of this as well, the loose mood will likely continue.