Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Riders Jacket

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Leading Role in Outer Wear

Shibuya street fashion sees fierce changes in trends every year with this year being no exception.The MA-1flight jacket was highly popular in light outerwear last year but this year it has somewhat dropped out of favor with the motorcycle jacket taking its place in the spotlight.


Origin of the Boom

Formally having a biker or punk image, motorcycle jackets for women are an item that has a sense of resistance. However, in recent years that image has taken an unexpected twist, as the wearing of hard items has been established in feminine style. MA-1 of last year also can be called the boom of the adaptation of this rule. This year, stylish bottoms with straight outlines such as pleated skirts, pencil knitted skirts and wide-legged pants were in style, and the compact motorcycle jacket which goes perfectly with these items became trendy.)


This Year’s Fashionable Coordinates

In recent years, larger outlines have been in vogue but it is commonplace for just the motorcycle jackets to be compact with a perfect fit. These jackets give off a chic look when combined with all black items while those who pair the jacket with flats or sneakers stand out for their casual appearance. This year also featured a look in which people hung the jackets over their shoulders without putting their arms through the sleeves.


In recent years becoming serious and diligent is considered embarrassing, and the tendency to say these things are uncool is evident in the wearing of these motorcycle jackets. Young people that are good at being minimal in their coordinates, even when they incorporate an item that has spice, eventually neutralize it with another item. We want fashion that combines items with an equal amount of spice, without being afraid to stand out, to make an appearance for the first time in a while. If we do that, recently commonplace Japanese fashion might return to the radiance and liveliness it had 10-20 years ago.