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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Corduroy Pants

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The New Classic to Replace Denim

Looking back on autumn and winter clothing, in the year before last there were many wearers of the tartan check mini skirt in ladies fashion. On the contrary, from last season to this season the skirt rate has considerably decreased, and ladies’ pants style has considerably increased. In these circumstances, along with velour pants, the “corduroy pants” emerged as a trend. In replacement of the eternal basic, denim, it is garnering attention as a fall and winter basic from both men and women.


A Fresh Feeling

The strong impact of velour pants has come into fashion and made an impression from this season, but in fact, only in Harajuku are there more wearers than last season. In Harajuku, where original style is created, velour pants were permeating the town one step ahead. Then, when velour pants overflowed the town, second-hand clothing users, pursuing individuality, sought the next item. That would be, corduroy pants. Merely incorporating them into coordinates produces freshness, and it is an excellent item that can gives off a sense of the season.


Excellent Compatibility with Khaki

Among corduroy pants, beige and brown are especially popular colors. Many styles of corduroy that are being worn have slightly thick, straight silhouettes, comfortable and slack at the ankle. Brown corduroy pants go very well together with the trend color khaki, and looks styled with earth colors from head to toe have also been standing out. They especially have a good compatibility among vintage clothing with military, skater, and work styles.


Looking at the current flow from velour pants to corduroy pants, I feel that the power of vintage clothing towards the entire fashion scene is gaining strength. It used to occupy a very unique, very small part of the genre, but after “Shibuhara style” was born, sometimes trends are born from vintage style. In a world full of contemporary clothing and designs, vintage clothing will probably create a new trend.