Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Russian Hat and Flight Cap

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Favorite Hat

If you look over to this season’s hat situation, the wearing of wide-brim hats, which were worn with vigor the previous season and last year’s A/W season, is decreasing rapidly. In its place the beret hat, which has had a big boom, seemed to be on its own this season. However, as it truly becomes winter from December on, the popularity of the voluminous Russian hat and flight cap is suddenly rising, and the beret hat is enduring with vigor. The hats are predominantly worn in ladies fashion, but they are also gradually entering men’s fashion.


Definition of the Russian Hat

Below is what is generally referred to as the Russian Hat, but strictly speaking, the Russian hat and the “Cossack hat” are separate. The former is called by a different name “Ushanka” and is the cap that was even worn by the Russian army that “has earmuffs.” The latter, made of fur, is a simple tube or “no earpiece” cylindrical shape, and is the famous hat from Galaxy Express 999. Nowadays both are in a broad sense called the Russian Hat, but if you were to say which one is stronger, this season the hats with earpieces are more popular. Incidentally, the flight cap is a hat that covers the ears and has the objective of being worn in cold weather during piloting a plane and on a bike, and has fur or bore on the inside. What was impressive was that even on a very cold day, most people were wearing them without lowering the earpieces. Many people said it is because “it is cuter as it is,” and made the claim that lowering the earpiece makes the look too strong, and depending on the styling there is the possibility that it can break down the balance.


Styling with the sense of the knit hat

Because its looks are very distinctive, it appears to be an item unsuitable for daily use, but on the contrary it fits a wide range of styles when styled in a similar way to the knit hat. Like in the picture below, it can be used without feeling out of place, when worn with the familiar simple coat and pants, or a casual jacket and sneakers. If you appreciate the greatness of the Russian hat and flight cap, you can let go of not having enough with the knit hat. The impact is strong, it is unknown if it will become a staple item. However, it is a convenient hat that, only for this season, can add a feeling of trendiness while adding warmth. It can be said that it is a superior item that can create various styles depending on the color and shape that you have.

At Hat specialty stores such as CA4LA you are able to find “deerstalker hats” like the kind Sherlock Homes would wear. More than the flight cap geared for spring, there is expected to be a shift towards the light deerstalker hat, which makes an impression. Distinctive items like this trend have been increasing in the past year, and can be said to have completely escaped from the tide of the “norm-core” style.