Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Knit Bottom

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The trend storms into its second year

In the autumn and winter, knit items were a bit success. It is thought that the “knit = tops” image typically is strong, but this season the trend was to incorporate knit bottoms. It began in last year’s AW season, but in the 2016-17 A/W season, every brand put effort towards these full-fledged trend bottoms.

New Style

Various bottoms have been made into a knit style, commonplace being wide pants, gaucho pants, and pencil skirts. The items are representative of the style scene of recent years, but on the streets it feels to be somewhat stuck in a rut. However, the material has become only knit, and the appearance and feeling are freshly reborn. The freshness has also been revived in the coordinates. Also, “knit on knit” new style, which was not there until now, has been established. As in the following pictures, an adult style that giving off a relaxed mood has been seen a lot.


The differentiation of knit bottoms

Surprisingly in the middle of the wide pants boom, sweatpants-like knit bottoms with a slender silhouette are gathering attention. Perhaps some people felt tired of the trend, or maybe the change is from people not wanting to stay the same as everyone else. Still in the midst of the boom, this past year there has not been a decrease in wearers of the wide leg pants, but there is an expectation that after 2 years, the popularity will calm down. In its place, becoming mainstream might be pants like these with a “tapered silhouette” that narrows towards the ankle.

In 2017-18 A/W, the third year of the knit bottom trend, perhaps knit bottoms will accelerate in momentum with an abundance of variation in color and shape. Knit flared skirts and pleated skirts have infiltrated more, and it is expected that the appearance of things like the “knit salopette” and “knit all-in-one”, which have seldom been seen this season, will increase.