Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Pleated Skirt

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This Year’s Pleats

Of different types of ladies skirts, the midi length pleated skirt is a big hit. This year there is not as much of the formerly popular leather material, as flexible and elegant chiffon and wool materials are more often being seen. It is popular for highly chic and fashionable people to make an impact with metallic materials.


Main Cause for the Boom

Continuing from spring and summer, the feminine and elegant mood surrounding ladies fashion along with the womanly mood and the elegance of pleated skirts in splendid agreement is the main cause for the boom. Also, they are sold at stores like Uniqlo and GU for low prices, it is a staple item that is easily obtained. Fundamentally, as a basic item that exposes less, it is easy to challenge and easy to match. It is an excellent item that has the three elements of “trend” “cuteness” and “wearing power.”


Dressing Up-to-Date

The pleated skirt has a strong image of a school uniform, and the incorporation of the above the knee length into street fashion is the most difficult technique. First off, it is safe to choose a length from mid-calf to ankle length. Since the pleated skirt is overall a feminine item, it is easy to balance with such tops as off-the-shoulder tops and blouses, and rider jackets. Also, a seasonal combination is to layer it with the trendy knit one-piece with a side slit. As for footwear, sneakers add unmistakable style.


People who do not yet have pleated skirts plain materials are good, but for people who already wear pleated skirts in frequent rotation, we recommend metallic materials. The metallic pleated skirt is a versatile item that can play an active role from everyday usage to flashy scenes, like parties