Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Stable Popularity

New Balance, Nikes, Vans… It is the quickly changing sneaker trend. Especially these 2~3 years, if you were to say which sneakers increased in support rate, it would be adidas. The amount of people wearing them on the streets surpassed the temporary New Balance boom. I wonder if it will remain stable in 2017. Now, let’s have an introduction of the most worn models, to the history.


Stan Smith

This model is called “The world’s most sold sneaker.” They were originally tennis shoes, on the tongue of the sneaker the name of the tennis player, which became the model name for the shoes, “Stan Smith,” is drawn. It is made of leather, with the classic adidas “3 stripes” design with ventilation features. The minimalistic nature became popular, and in recent years there have been collaborations one after another like “RAF SIMONS” and “HYKE”; the popularity remains alive this year.



A classic amongst classics, this model was born as basketball shoes. If you say adidas sneakers, there should be many people who will think of these. The main feature is the toe, called “shell toe” because of the design that is like a round seashell, which is “Superstar-like.” It also became common to see all white Superstars, of which the symbol and three stripes were also in white. At a glance it is simple, but the details unique to the Superstar brings forth an appearance and can add a feeling of comfort to dressing.


History of adidas

In the first place, this model started being sold around the 1960s, but as a fashion item it was in the 80s that a big boom first pushed forth. The legendary HIP-HOP icon “RUN-DMC” wore it, and it became popular in the beginning subculture of HIP-HOP. The 80s vintage Superstar has become a target of longing even now


In the midst of the street sneaker scene full of influential players, adidas are a distinguished presence. The lineup is complete from sneakers that are worn until they fall apart, to luxe pairs that last a lifetime. Currently, in evaluating shoes that are easy to match with any style, people are into of course casual shoes, and shoes that step away from “chic” style. Brands with a history that have been supported up to now are very good because they seem to have continued to keep making good products.