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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Prospective Color of 16-17 A/W

As for the trend color of 2016-17 A/W, Terra Cotta has become the topic. In Italian it is “Terra Cotta,” and in English it is Baked Earth; in other words, it indicates the condition of earth or clay being baked. It is specifically a brick color that is like brown being mixed into orange, and is a color that has the nuance of the vintage feel of unglazed pottery, and being swept away by austere elegance. In the late summer of last year, it was gaining attention as an autumn-winter color indispensible to adult-casual and office-casual, ladylike coordinates. However, the rate at which it is worn has gotten lower, as staple colors pretty to the eye, like beige and gray, has been pushed vigorously. In the middle of this, if you were to say which color this season has the strongest impression, it would be “khaki.” Its reception is good from a wide range of both men and women, holding down Terra Cotta it has become the Number 1 prospective color.


When did it become popular?

When you look at street style, the color “khaki” is incorporated into various items, and the strength of its presence is clearly felt. However, it is not that it came into fashion starting with this season. Its first appearance was beginning with last season. The military-style fashion and the trend of returning to nature in the late 70s, earth color (natural color) came into trend, and that in relation to a revival last season brought khaki back into attention.

The indicated extent of Khaki

Even though people say “khaki,” there is variety in what color is recalled to mind from person to person. Originally it was a yellow color with a bit of green mixed into it. It is said that the British army stationed in India mid 19th century dyed white clothes with soil and called it “khaki” in the local language, which is where the name began. After that, the military uniform changed from a beige color to a nearly olive color, it came to generally be called “khaki.”


The Vector of Dress

Khaki was originally a color that was worn as a men’s staple, but this season it is a tremendous force in ladies fashion. Mainly incorporated as outerwear, using other items in restrained colors, khaki becomes the leading role in styling. The image of “khaki = military” is strong, but aside from that it is simply incorporated as a color, now to finish the outfit cleanly. Even in the middle of that trend, it is also true that the keywords “vintage military” and “heritage” are being seen as important. With that meaning the Barbour jacket felt very fresh compared to usual. Incidentally, “heritage” has the meaning of “ancestral,” “legacy,” and “tradition.” In the fashion world, it is appropriate to say it is “a new item that took inspiration from past heritage.”

Color Coordination

Color combinations with beige have become of increased interest. The previous matching of beige with navy was standard, but this season khaki is commonplace. Khaki is surprisingly easy to incorporate compared to expectations, and for matching with brown and black, it is easy to put into your usual coordinates. Like in the below picture, people daring to finish their outfits in a khaki one tone are increasing. People are also crazy about adding a point in dressing well with a black one tone or navy one tone. It is an important point in using khaki is not to get it soiled. It is of course the tone, but it is important not to lose its cleanliness, and put in goods or a sense of quality by shoes or accessories.


Whatever anybody says, the main color of this autumn/winter season is khaki. Military-style clothes are, of course, enriching, but khaki has also appeared in “normal clothes” in a similar manner to wearing the usual navy and gray. Khaki is changing into very normal clothes, but it is fine to say that khaki is a magic color that directs modernity and also doubles stylishness. I would like to pay attention to whether it will invade street style in 2017.