Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



2016-17 A/W Men's Trend Summary

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Comfort is a Basic

When looking back on autumn and winter men’s fashion, there is the impression that overall there were a lot of natural and relaxed, “casual styles”. Putting in the trend color of khaki gives the coordinates a not too cool, but warm finish.


Big Silhouettes

Around the end of summer, it was being said that the next trend was extremely long sleeves, referred to in Japanese as “bura-sode”, but in reality there was only a small amount of wearers, and it especially did not spread to high brand style. It was incorporated in collections, but it was not practical and ended as a “show-style.” However, there has been acceleration towards making the overall item sizes larger. Rather than a just-right size for outerwear, extremely large items are being chosen, and it is a basic style for the shoulders to look as if they are drooping. Finishing also with wide bottoms, the silhouettes are rapidly becoming wider than before.


Opinion of Drooped-Shoulder Men

In the current over-sized trend, even a man with an originally solid body structure appears to be delicate with the drooped-shoulder look. The “genderless boy” term was born, and on TV neutral talents like Ryuchero and Yutaro are frequently seen. Young actors and models with light features are also highly popular, and I think in the world “a man that is not too male” is sought after.


As described above, recently in fashion the boundaries between male and female styles are getting ambiguous. That is why newly created fashion is expanding. From now on, I want to not only follow trends, but also analyze society from fashion.