Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Sneaker Fever Continues

In street fashion, though it can be said more and more people are wearing leather boots, sneakers are still as big a trend as before. Starting from the instigator of the boom, the New Balance sneakers, and changing to the stylish Nikes and sporty Adidas, the current classic of the classic shoes, Converse, are gathering popularity. Particularly of course, the amount of people wearing ALL STAR’s is extremely high. Subsequently are the Converse JACK PURCELL and One Star sneakers. Last year, Converse stores opened in Harajuku Cat Street and NEWoMan in Shinjuku and became a topic, but there are also collaborations happening one after the other, with popular apparel brands like WACKO MARIA and ANREALAGE.


Types of ALL STAR’s

Currently, the ALL STARs being worn on the street can be divided overall into four categories. First are the ones for the lowest price, being sold at stores like ABC MART. Next there are the MADE IN JAPAN sneakers being sold at stores like United Arrows and the Converse store. Then there is the CONVERSE・ADDICT model from 2008 that is being reissues. Lastly, the vintage ALL STARs. There is minimal difference in color of each heel patch, the stitching on the toe section, the quality of the sole, the material of the shoelaces, the logo on the insole, and the overall silhouette.


The Ultimate Line

The vintage All Stars from the 70s, 80s and 90s are particularly to get, as they are from the age of being MADE IN THE USA, and as a result there is high value of rarity, it is hard to obtain. From the current ones, even though the price skyrockets far off, there are collectors that buy them up. However, the soles from those times were thin, with an advanced degradation, and lacking in comfort. If you are seeking functionality, the MADE IN JAPAN items are good. Incidentally, the line that ultimately combines functionality and a traditional design is the CONVERSE・ADDICT. It is a sneaker that has a traditional appearance and innovative interior.


The ALL STAR has a universal appeal that can match any look, and can be worn regardless of age or sex. This year is the 100th anniversary of the All Star. From now on, it will continue to have a strong presence in street style.