Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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The Charm of the Brand

ST, CAT has gradually acquired popularity since its launch in 2014. It is a brand that has handmade accessories using vintage parts. The concept is of earrings that are like formless memories, with an unfinished delicacy, suddenly coming into the gap of your heart. The main items of the brand are non-pierced earrings, but products expand to pierced earrings and necklaces. To say the least, the charm of this brand is the handmade characteristic of its items. The design has an ethnic and mysterious feel to it, but a grown up, mode style nuance also drifts into it. It is a brand with a mysterious charm.


Secret to Popularity

The merchandise of ST, CAT is mostly made up of large items, and although it gives the impression that it would be difficult to incorporate into an outfit, when you actually put it on, it adapts smoothly to your skin. The reason for that is the color of the parts being used. Even if it is multi-colored, each color has low color saturation, so it does not appear too flashy. It can be said it acquired popularity in the recoil of the “normcore boom”, but it matches the feeling of today’s fashionistas, not overly flashy, and described by a good meaning of “arbitrary”.


ST, CAT on the Street

Many wearers of ST, CAT who were seen on the streets wore their hair to emphasize the earrings. To emphasize the earrings, it is good to show the area around the face neatly, as in the picture below. Because the items are inorganic, there was the impression that the style of the wearers was unified in the atmosphere of mode fashion.


According to the official site, it seems that the sales of the present form of the accessories will be over in the summer of 2017. After that, the brand will probably start again, expanding to a new form, but those who are worried should get them right now.