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Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Long Belt

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Belt as a Trend Item

In terms of trend items, when did the belt get such a close-up? This spring, they are getting focused on to that extent. Among them, the belts that are being taken up this time is the “long belt”. They were starting to be seen in the streets little by little from last fall, but it was used heavily in the 17 S/S collections, and instantly became a trend item. Although it of course became part of men’s street style so to speak, recently it is permeating both men’s and women’s fashion, and many styles like mode and vintage are incorporated by changing the material and color.



It’s Cool to Be a Little Lame

The backdrop of the long belt trend is the trending of 90s tastes incorporated street style. These several years, the value of “uncool” being cool is being boosted. Looking at the streets, the men’s style of tops tucked into thick pants, which was supposed to be outdated up until a few years ago, has taken hold. Also, the G.I. Belt, representative of the long belt, too is a revival item from the ‘90s. It is once again garnering popularity, especially in Harajuku. This is also an item that would’ve been called lame a few years back. Besides these, other ‘90s taste items are being seen widespread, including the bucket hat and MA-1 jacket, and sports brand jerseys. These are becoming established basics in street style. It seems to be the current trend on the streets to boldly dress in items that feel somewhat nostalgic. The free and “anything goes” underground culture of the ‘90s is freshly reflected in the current young generation.


Now’s Long Belt is Drawing Attention

However, what I want to keep in mind is why the long belt has been attracting attention so far this season. First off, is the belt’s abundant color variation, and the ease with which it can be incorporated into an outfit. With that, there is the feeling of being able to instantly become an expert in style. Above all, there is a huge presence of people wearing these belts with wide pants. If you layer wide pants with a long belt, you can make them seem even wider. Recently, the “extreme silhouette” has also come out as a trend word, and it is spurring on the wide silhouette. In addition, there also seems to be the effect of styling up by having the belt delicately hanging out, and also making the legs appear long by marking the waist at a higher position. In regard to fashion, since the impact can be changed so much with just a belt, the use of accessories is very deep.


The Spreading Genderless Trend

One last thing. I would like to write that there were not so common trends spreading between men’s and ladies fashion, like this long belt trend, until a few years ago. This is because collections that produce trends are different in the first place, from the starting point of men’s and women’s collections. For the past few years there have been of course women incorporating men’s fashion for a genderless style, but men are incorporating women’s fashion. For example, there is the “extreme silhouette” mentioned earlier, which is a 17S/S men’s trend. Although it was a 2016~17 fall and winter ladies’ trend, it entered men’s fashion as is. The backdrop of this common trend spreading is that there is a change to a genderless era. The tendency for both men and women to wear the same thing can be said to be pushing out common trends. Even if you are looking at the streets, you can see the tendency for both ladies and men to incorporate the same trends, such as the long belt and wide pants that are trends this season. Regardless of gender, being able to wear what you like has become accepted as “individuality”. From now on, how will the image of men and women change in fashion? I would like to draw attention there as well.