Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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When you decide the outfit of the day, if you like clothes you enjoy fashion from head to toe. Take in a single push item and decide the color scheme while choosing accessories that match it while watching the balance of the whole. But perfection is not interesting. Expert technique is to put it out there. The seemingly difficult technique was facilitated by popular "Salopette or "Overall".




Break Out of the Sense of Rut


The salopette is French, the overall is merely a different etymology from English, actually it refers to the same thing. Work clothes that paint shops and people of farmers were wearing so as not to soil the tops originally. It was an image that used to be unpopular in the past, but now this little unfashionableness is the point of removal. In recent years, fashion taste was feminine, one piece and race items were preferred. However, when looking at the whole coordination, if it is all feminine, it is too theory and it is not fun for fashionistas. So combine a bit of an overall or a salopette, you can break the usual style by daring to break the usual style.




Just A Good Taste


This season, salopette is popular with camisole type delicate designs. The atmosphere changes depending on the matching tops. It is a royal road to dress casually together with T-shirts. However, the fashion shops that gave the sense of trend are often associated with feminine tops. The repertoire of feminine tops such as sleeve conscious, lace tops, floral patterns etc are on the rise. Whatever shape and which pattern is matched, by reducing its feminine taste a little with salopette, it is not too sweet, and you can dress it without being too casual. It seemed like people are enjoying this "just right" taste on the streets.