Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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Nothing Can Beat It


A delicate and soft layer on the surface, “Velour” is still gaining popularity because of that gorgeousness. The trend continues to be "vintage" or "retro" as a key word this year. It is such a suitable theme for velour to be popular. But this season's velour shows one side that is a bit different from last year.



Dress is The Next Must-Have Item?


Last year, the must-have item of Fashionista was "wide pants of velour material". But this year we are changing beyond pants, changing to many items such as skirts, tops and accessories. Among them, one thing you see in street and shop is dress. There are many shapes but mostly are V-neck and camisole. It is a simple design, but the shape is perfectly feminine. And dress can be also adopted in casual style. It is a velour dress that seems to be a dressy, but by casual down with simple shirts and sneakers, it turns into a "normal feeling".



Harmony with colors


Another point I want to say is color. "Baked color (smoky coloration)" of the color which is attracting attention this year is well compatible with velour, which complements gloss. Last year it was the center of dark color and suppressed the flashy of velour, but this year there are many styles that made velour’s presence more prominent. Velour material with baked color makes your outfit classier.






 Last year, we have introduced "velour pants” to the Millennium generation who does not know about the material. Now it becomes even more popular by the "vintage boom", and velour transforms into various items.