Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Shower Sandals

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Continuation of the Comfortable Sandal Boom

Since a few years ago, comfortable sandals have been gathering popularity. Even amongst those, sports sandals have been in fashion up until now, but “shower sandals” have been gradually gaining attention since last year. It is originally a sandal that athletes would put on after practice, and as the name would suggest, an item that can be worn while taking a shower. It can be matched with casual outfits, and is permeating street style, with an emphasis on the young generation. The sandals are being sold by sports brands, of course, but also by high brands like GIVENCHY, and their popularity will speed up even more.


High-Spec Functionality

The biggest appeal of shower sandals is that, to say the least, they have high functionality. Originally, overseas the sole was made to be lightweight and thick, to be used in wet areas such as modular baths. They have excellent fit and cushioning, and they are comfortable to slip in and out of. Since they give a visual of being sporty casual, when paired with the oversized silhouette clothing that is in trend, it gives off a relaxed vibe as well. Its appeal also comes from the reasonable price. There are many shower sandals around 3,000 yen, so they are easy to obtain. If there is affordable pricing and also functionality, there will be popularity as well.


Instigator of Popularity

Now, how did this trend spread to the extent it is at now? To start, the “shower sandals” were made and sold by sports brands. In particular, the NIKE “Benassi” and adidas “ADILETTE” are instigators of the trend. They gathered notice from fashionistas’ Instagrams, and in the blink of an eye they became a hit as a daily item. This season, matching with an upsurge of need, they are being sold in an abundance of materials and color variations.


Items like shower sandals that were not seen until a few years ago are overflowing in town; this is the fun of trends. I want to take notice of if the comfort sandal boom will continue.