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anello from the beginning

Perhaps many people feel that, when walking the streets, you often see backpacks with the “anello” mark on them. “anello”, which has the meaning of “annual tree ring” in Italian, is a unisex bag that the Osaka bag manufacturing wholesale company Carrot Company began selling in December of 2014. anello started in 2005, and in November of 2014 the “kuchigane” backpack, with its trademark squared opening, was launched. Entering 2016 that vigor was accelerating, and in total for the year 2.8 million units were shipped. Also, thinking that many people learned of the anello brand by the “kuchigane” backpack, they are currently strengthening their branding. This July they are launching a brand website, and simultaneously they are establishing a directly managed online shop. They also started seriously with PR activities.



The Appeal of the anello Backpack
When you look into the appeal of the anello backpack, you will see that some innovative approaches have gained popularity.

(1)    High Functionality
The biggest feature is that the opening and closing is a squared arc type, which can be said to be a very wide point. There is a tendency with normal backpacks for the four corners to become dead space, which can be confirmed at a glance. There is also a side pocket that is the right size for a water bottle, which is excellent in its convenience.

(2)    Ageless and Varied Design
At any rate, there is abundance in its design. With a variety of colors and patterns, you do not have to choose or be of a certain age. In terms of design, not only the gold fasteners but also the sense of unity the bag has as a whole satisfies the customer.

(3)    Affordable Pricing
The anello bag is the affordable price of 4,000 yen per bag. In the pursuit of functionality and design, the expense should not be too high because that will not lead to a boom. Regarding functionality, anello always sticks to being reasonable in the production of its products.



Why the Explosion of Popularity?

From students to mothers, anello has gained broad support. One more big reason that popularity caught fire was the opening of the backpack. Even if you look at the evaluation of the well-known shopping site “Review”, it is overflowing with high praise. On Amazon reviews out of 5 levels it got a very high rating of 4.2, and it was posted by many fashion apps such as WEAR. Popularity is also growing for tourists in the Asian region, and due to reviews on SNS, it can be said that the degree of definition is higher amongst them than in Japan. As a Japanese brand with good quality, it seems that Asian tourists are collectively buying it. Furthermore, from urban fashion buildings and station buildings to suburban shopping centers, there are many opportunities to sell in a wide range of stores and be seen by many costumers. A reason may also be because it is easy for both students, many of whom use the bag, and mothers, to buy.



Until now, foreign brands like FJALLRAVEN KANKEN and THE NORTH FACE have been gaining popularity, but as far as consumers are concerned, with the current keywords of high-functioning and low price, those needs are supported by the anello backpack. It can be said that these two points are strengths with which the Japanese brand cannot lose.