Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Flare Sleeve

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The Acceleration of Volume Sleeves

The volume sleeve, to say the least, is a common feature of this season’s trend tops. From last year, tops with decorative sleeves have been side-by-side in storefronts, and there were already many people who had them. They are also continuing into this season, with the impression of changing materials and shapes, and we don’t know when this vigor will stop. The presence of volume sleeves is overflowing on the streets, especially as we have recently entered into summer. Volume sleeves can add a fresh feeling to your usual attire, and can without a question be incorporated into a wide range of genres, from casual to mode clothing.



The Keyword is "Sleeve Conscious"

Even looking back on the 2017 S/S collection, sleeves with designs that make an impact by their decoration have been standing out, in what is said to be “sleeve conscious”. Many variation of this “sleeve conscious” trend can be seen at store fronts, and tops with bell sleeves, balloon sleeves, and large ruffle sleeves are gathering popularity. Also, seasonal trends such as embroidery, flower patterns, and lace are being incorporated into the sleeve, and there are also many designs that give a big impact on top, which can be said to be the characteristic of this season’s volume sleeves.



 Flare Sleeve

The volume sleeve that is especially garnering attention is the flare sleeve, which has a design that airily gets wider at the opening of the sleeve. While having a trendy feeling, it covers the arms, and has the appeal of showing them in a refreshing way. From the basic of denim to wide pants and flare skirts, they are easy to pair with any kind of bottoms. Furthermore, it is also popular to tuck the top in and pair it with the trend item sash belt. By marking the waist, you can make an outfit look neat while giving a sense of volume to the upper body.



As for recent trend items, they tend towards items that cover the body. Since gaucho pants came into trend, wide pants have been mainstream, although there were some changes in length and silhouette. Even with this flare sleeve, things that can cover the upper half of the arm are overwhelmingly popular. Trends rotate, and we next often seek opposite items, but it is perhaps difficult for relaxed items that can cover the body to get out of style once they are popular. It seems like it will take more time for trend to return to compact and tight items.