Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.




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This Season’s Lace Characteristics

When you hear lace, do a lot of people with a cute and girly image come to mind? You might thing that it typically is difficult for people with simple tastes and casual style to incorporate. However, this season’s lace, regardless of tastes, has an abundance of variation that can be incorporated with any style. In terms of coloring, from bright colors like pink and orange, to chic colors like black and khaki. For example, if you make the color black, it can also be easily incorporated into mode and casual styles without becoming too sweet. As for design, many items using lace sections are making an entrance. By showing lace in a nonchalant and brilliant way, such as switching the lace to the opening of a sleeve on a simple blouse.  nonchalantly/casually brilliantly show lace, this one part can become the point of an outfit.




Sheer x Layered is “Now”

People layering lace tops as an inner underneath T shirts, and people showing a little peak of high lac tops from the neckline, are recently being seen on the streets. A new layered style has entered the scene even in collections, in what is called “summer layered”. For the layered style of this season, perhaps the keyword will come to be “sheer feeling”. Lace is an item that can certainly give off a “sheer feeling”, and by introducing a “sheer feeling item”, such as wearing lace tops overall in combination with an inner, you can instantly put together an outfit that is “now”.




This Year’s “Scalloped Lace”

Even though we have said lace, there is a certain variation of it that is this season. The scalloped lace tops that have entered the scene, which have been subjected to punching processing, have a good affinity with the ethnic style that has come into trend this year’s spring and summer. Scallop lace has a border with shapes that are like semicircles, like scallops. With cotton material as a basic, even in the lace it is easy to match with ethnic style and leaves a sweet and low-key impression. Also, this year scalloped lace can be incorporated in many ways, even with V-neck blouses, and is even easy to match with more formal outfits.



We touched on the subject in the beginning, but something we have seen and think is interesting in regard to the items that are recently becoming popular, are the extreme abundance of color, pattern, and design variations, and that many items can be enjoyed regardless of tastes. This might be a trend that is tailored towards the present age, in which the fashion taste and style are fragmented. For this opportunity, why not find a favorite piece that matches your style?