Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Ballet Shoes

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The Reason Ballet Shoes are Popular

Speaking of flat shoes in the past few years, shoes such as casual sneakers, sports sandals and mannish oxford shoes came into fashion, but the shoes that are mainstream this year are overwhelmingly “ballet shoes”. The reason they are gathering support is because they are reasonably priced and have a basic shape that is easy to match with any style. Also, it can be said that the popularity of ballet shoes has been spurred on by the white socks boom in recent years. The combination of white socks and ballet shoes makes for a sense of presence at your feet, and the styling becomes current at once. You can of course even wear it with bare feet, but recently as there is a change towards items with a sense of sheerness like net tights and lace, it seems that the combination with socks is continuing to be popular.




The Changing Shape of Ballet Shoes

The main characteristic of this season’s ballet shoes is not only the basic rounded toe, but also the sharp, pointed toe that has come out. The pointed toe makes the legs appear longer, and is also easy to incorporate into more formal outfits. Due to the flat shoes, even matched with one pieces and all-in-ones, you can moderately casual down an outfit. It is good to choose a shape that matches with your outfit for the day and your own style.



 From staple colors to trend colors

As for color, red and black are classic and easy to use, and are often seen on the street. Red especially is easy to incorporate as distinctively compatible with sky blue denim, which is a must have spring and summer item. In addition to that, the development of vivid colors like yellow and orange have begun to stand out in shops, and are seemingly popular. Also, the glitter color, which is a trend, is gaining attention. Although glitter items seem like they would be hard to incorporate, they become a casual outfit point when in the form of dainty, basic  ballet shoes.



 For the past several years, are there many people who think that the amount of people wearing heels are few? Young people especially like flat shoes, like this time’s ballet shoes or sneakers, and are mostly not wearing heels. Even this season, “resort style” is coming out with keywords such as “effortless fashion” and “naturally fashionable”, which is what may be the feeling now. Amid such trends, will the era of heels become standard again? I want to pay attention also to the future trends of shoes.