Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Hat Trend

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This Season’s Trend Item

If you were to say the two biggest hat trends this season, it would be the “beret” and the “cap”. These two are trends that are continuing from the fall and winter, and while the materials have been changed to something more summery, that vigor will not stop. Mesh and straw materials are basic for this season’s beret. Moving away from overly arranged outfits, it gives a classic vibe to a casual outfit. It is naturally an all-purpose item, that if you wear it will add something to your outfit. In terms of caps, what is popular is the “low cap”. The “low cap” is the shallow baseball cap. When trying to look on the streets, one point is that most of the caps are completely undecorated, plain caps, and the mood for this year can be said to be simplicity.


The Re-Appearing Hat

Also, in this season’s hat trend, something that shouldn’t be forgotten are revival items. A few years ago, the tremendously popular “Can-can hat” and the “casquette”, or newsboy cap, re-appeared. First off, the Can-can hat is a hat with a flat top, that is fundamentally made of a light straw material. If you compare it to hats such as the wide-brim hat, it leaves a refreshing impression, is easy to match with any taste, and can be incorporated in a wide range of ways. The “casquette” has a unique and soft shape, is easy to incorporate with retro style, and its popularity is accelerating.


Emphasis on Design

As for last year’s hat trends, such as the “bucket hat” and “wide-brim” hat, if I had to say, it is a practical hat. In opposition is this season’s beret and casquette. If you compare, it is like this season design and trendiness are very important, and it is not practical. Specifically, the beret hat does not shade from the sun, and is insufficient for UV protection, so it could be said that it is a hat has an emphasis on design, and is worn more so as an accessory.


Hats with an emphasis on their design are the trend this season. Why not try widening the range of styling by incorporating a trend hat to outfits that tend to get repetitive?