Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Backless Shoes

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“Mules & Slides” Boom

“Mules & Slides” are style of shoes that are backless such as shower sandals had been gathering popularity. For your information, sandals which do not have heels called “Backless Shoes” in fashion terms. Why are so many people attracted by these backless shoes? Because it does not have heels so your outfit does not look too formal, but look just perfect without effort. 90’s fashion items have been gaining attention this year; especially mule sandals accelerate its popularity as a revival item, so I could easily find them at the streets.




“A feeling of Strangeness” is The New Trend

Take a look at the 2017 AW collections, there were many “Babouche” from high brands to fast fashion brands. “Babouche” is also one of the representatives of backless shoes. Also, in this year, check plaid and British trad style are in fashion. It means backless loafer shoes will also be inevitably in fashion and some of the fashion shops have already started selling them in their stores. Adding some joy to standard items is a current trend. When you see the backless loafers from the front, it will be loafers, but when you see them from the behind, it will be slide sandals. I can say “a feeling of strangeness” can be cool this year.



From a point of a practical view, even if backless shoes with autumn design, you can wear them without being stifling. It might also one of the reasons why these backless shoes have become popular recently.