Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Summer Layered

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New Layered Style

Recently, observing the streets we’ve been gaining interest in “layered style”. Even until now, on countless occasions on the streets it has come into trend, but this year what is popular is a different type of a new layered style. To explain specifically, it is pairing a long one piece with casual denim or wide pants. Also, it is a style that is accented by accessories, such as matching it with a wide belt around the waist. Perhaps people felt weary of the trends that had been prevalent so far, or otherwise it came from the mindset that they do not want to be similar to other people. The continuation of wide pants being worn is also getting into a rut. This is freshly reflected in silhouettes emphasizing vertical lines, such as wearing a one piece and wide bottoms, as a new style. 




Transformation in Dress

Last year, as for layered items there were many people wearing camisoles and inner camisoles. A transformation is appearing in the wearing of such cami layers. Last year the basic style was to layer tops, but this year the long, one piece type is definitely popular. It is also the trend to not just wear it as a one piece, but to match it with casual items like wide pants and denim. If you just wear the one piece type of camisole as is, it might become overly feminine, but wearing a cami one piece with bottoms makes for a more laidback outfit, and it is also easy to wear.



See-through One Piece

In addition, as for layered items, this season the see-through one piece has gotten much attention. At a glimpse, it seems like an item that is difficult to match and that tends to be highly fashionable and fancy, but it is an excellent item that by just pairing it with basic items that anyone has, such as T shirts and denim, gives off a summery feeling. Also, while material and designs change, such as to ones other than lace, it is heading in the direction of continuing on even into 2017AW. For those who haven’t yet, it would be a good idea to take this opportunity to try it!




Fashionable styles on the street continue to be laidback and relaxed, as is this time’s layered style. It may be inevitable for this phenomenon to have happened, as looser styles are definitely in trend.