Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



2017 S/S Trend Summary

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The Popularity of Revival Item in the 1990’s Does not Stop

Remember last year, when the 2017 SS collection was announced that resort and ethnic style came out as a prediction of trends. However, while embroidery items and floral patterns were being popular, the revival items in 90’s had an overwhelming presence.
Specifically, from a casual item such as "GI belt" or "logo stuff" to a feminine item such as "camisole" or "mule", it had a wide variety of lineup.


True Identity of Trend

Why there was gap between trends like that. A resort and the ethnic style have been fashionable in several cycles in the past few years, so there is a feeling of déjà vu and with nothing fresh. So the revival items of the 90’s have appeared at that time. Another reason is that there are few people checking mass media, such as magazines and SNS. It can be said that a trend is born from street fashion not from collections.



Signs of Change in Dress

Focusing on the silhouette, until now, silhouettes that emphasized the volume of bottoms, such as high-waist wide pants, were the most minimal tops, but this summer it changed little by little. Because people started wearing something that easy to wear such as gowns and dresses, there are also wide silhouette tops with wide silhouette bottoms which were not fashionable before.
Also, there is a lot of coordination that consciously considers the I line, such as dresses with pants.



It can be said for the summer of this year, but what I feel recently by watching the streets; the value of “not chasing trends is hick” is getting weaker. It is often said that there are no citizens who are influenced by the trend as much as Japanese people, but the Japanese fashion has finally been seen the sign of change.