Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.

Style arena is generally the Japan Fashion Association has operated.



Basket Bag

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A Rich Variety of Wicker Basket Bags

Although I say “Wicker Basket Bags”, there are many shapes and size; I have seen bucket-shaped bags quite often on the streets this year but at the same time, I saw some people carrying basket bags which were not seen last year. Also, there are wicker basket bags with unique designs, and even some of the people wrap a scarf handle on a bag. Since the variation of straw bag becomes more widely, more people use them as a daily item and it matches with simple outfits, so you can enjoy your daily outfits by changing the bags.




Are Wicker Basket Bags Functional?!

These wicker basket bags have a wide, round gusset, and a plenty space to put stuff in so you will immediately realize how functional they are when you start using the bags. Normally, wicker basket bags are made of straw or rattan so they are lighter than normal bags. Also, they have a pouch and lid so it cannot be seen inside of the bags from the outside. They have a very good design and useful, so I can say that is also one of the reasons why people like them.




Wicker Basket Bags in Winter?!

Everyone never would have thought to carry a straw bag in the middle of winter, but some of the straw bags are decorated by leather or fur, so you do not need to think about the season you are now, you can just carry it whenever you want.
Like comfort sandals which I have mentioned last time, it also became popular as a summer item, but people start decorating it with fur, so everyone wear them in winter or autumn with socks. It means many of the basic items get new designs by only changing their materials. I will keep watching if these items become more and more popular.